Chinook Abundance

This CalFish Data Download contains two shapefiles, Chinook_ln.shp and Chinook_Pnt.shp.  These two shapefiles respectively contain point and line features associated with CalFish Chinook Abundance Database.  The point feature layer contains abundance information for hatcheries, dams, weirs, and seines.  The line feature layer contains abundance information for streams and stream reaches.

Please note that these GIS layers should NOT be used to approximate species distribution.  They are designed to identify where abundance information has been collected and to provide access to species counts taken over time. 

Note also that the internet address contained in the "Link" field provides a link to the StreamNet website where the Abundance Database's extensive tabular database is stored.  The shapefiles contained in this download provide access to the spatial location of the trends and include summary information, but the real power of the CalFish Abundance Database lies with the associated information stored in the tabular database maintained by Streamnet. 

For more information about this project, please visit the CalFish Abundance Database Project Page.

For specific metadata for the individual layers, please visit the following metadata links:
Chinook Hatchery, Dam, Weir, and Seine Info (Chinook_pnt.shp)
Chinook Reach and Stream Info (Chinook_ln.shp)

If you have futher questions about this dataset, please contact:
Connie Shannon
CalFish Abundance Database Project
c/o California Dept.of Fish and Game
2440 Athens Avenue
Redding CA 96001