Carmel River (data source Esri)
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Carmel River

General Information:

The Carmel River is an important watershed for the survival of the South-Central steelhead population, and it provides an important water supply for private residences, businesses, and tour¬ism of the Monterey Peninsula. Through the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program, the Depart¬ment partnered with the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District (District) in 2011, and funded the District to enumerate the steelhead run in the Carmel River through use of a sonar camera. So far, the camera has been deployed for two migration seasons and there are plans to deploy it again in 2013 / 2014. Department staff collaborate with the District in monitoring, the data review process, and have developed quality control procedures to ensure data integrity. The Department plans to deploy another camera to monitor adult steelhead on the Big Sur River, another high priority watershed.

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
staff deploy sonar camera on the Carmel River.

Courtesy of Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.