San Gabriel River (data source Esri)
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San Gabriel River

General Information:

The San Gabriel River, which is 43 miles long and has 18 miles of tributaries, is a high priority system for steelhead recovery as identified in the 2012 NMFS Southern California Steelhead Recovery Plan. Nearly 2.5 million people call this watershed home. As a consequence, this river features multiple dams on its mainstem and is confined to a concrete flood control channel for most of its length after exiting the foothills. However, the vast and diverse geographic regions in the upper watershed provide high quality habitat for trout populations that may possess ecologically significant attributes likely not found in other populations. Like the Los Angeles River, the San Gabriel River is represented by the Council for Watershed Health. This group advocates improvement in communication among the various agencies and cities through which the river travels as well as opportunities for restoration and the improvement of water quality and supply.

Monitoring Activities:

The CDFW has been monitoring the native and planted trout population as well as the populations of other native fishes for over two decades. Recently the CDFW and its partners implemented a genetic study to assess population dynamics and to better understand the origin of the watershed’s steelhead population.

East Fork of the San Gabriel River - 2008
Courtesy of John O’Brien, CDFW