San Juan Creek (data source Esri)
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San Juan Creek

General Information:

San Juan Creek is an important watershed for Southern steelhead recovery in south Orange County. Observations of steelhead in the mainstem and Trabuco Creek, its largest tributary, have generated significant interest in restoration of the watershed. Trout Unlimited took up the challenge by developing the San Juan and Trabuco Creeks Steelhead Recovery Watershed Management Plan. This plan identified the extensive anthropogenic modifications which compromise water quality, water quantity, and habitat, as well as create barriers to fish passage. With the release of the watershed plan, CDFW has been working with and supporting the efforts of Trout Unlimited and the U.S. Forest Service to educate the publice about steelhead as well as remove barriers to migration throughout the watershed. Recently the CDFW in partnered with the Golden State Flycasters and NMFS Science Lab in Santa Cruz conducted a genetic study to assess the historical origin of the remaining resident trout population.

Metrolink barrier on Arroyo Trabuco Creek,
tributary to San Juan Creek - 2009

Courtesy of Valerie Taylor, CDFW

Upper San Juan Creek, bedrock pool - 2006
Courtesy of John O’Brien, CDFW

Trabuco Creek Southern steelhead information signage
in English and Spanish. Located in Descanso Park at the
confluence of San Juan and Arroyo Trabuco Creeks.

Courtesy of Drew Irby, Trout Unlimited, South Coast Chapter