CalFish People

CalFish relies heavily on the generous nature of its many cooperators and contributors.

The CalFish Steering Committee is composed of individuals who represent agencies and organizations that have signed the CalFish MOU and who provide the program with leadership, direction, and advice.

CalFish Contributors are individuals from agencies and organizations that are also involved in CalFish coordination and direction.

If you would like to become a CalFish Contributor, please contact us.


CalFish Steering Committee
Member Alternate Member Agency/Org Email
Tom Lupo Steve Schoenig CDFW
Stan Allen Robin Carlson PSMFC
Michael Bowen
Coastal Conservancy
Bob Pagliuco
NOAA Fisheries
Melinda Molnar Frank Meraz Caltrans
Stefan Lorenzato Marc Commandatore DWR

CalFish Contributors
Name Agency/Org Email
Michael Kellett US Forest Service
Donnie Ratcliff USFWS (Fish Passage Program)