Document Libraries and Reference Systems

An increasing number of documents and images are being made available online. All of the libraries below have digital catalogs and offer at least some digital documents.

The StreamNet Library
The StreamNet Reference Library serves the scientific community of the Pacific Northwest and those working in cooperation with the region's fish and wildlife recovery efforts. Users will find many California fisheries documents here and many are available in digital formats.
CDFW Document Library
The CDFW Document Library is an online repository of thousands of documents pertinent to the department and its customers.
The NOAA Central Library
The NOAA Central Library, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, and its libraries at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (Miami), National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center (Miami), Western Regional Center (Seattle), and Camp Springs (Maryland), provide information and research support to NOAA staff and the public. The library also networks with over 30 NOAA libraries across the nation. Disciplines covered include weather and atmospheric sciences, oceanography, ocean engineering, nautical charting, marine ecology, marine resources, ecosystems, coastal studies, aeronomy, geodesy, cartography, mathematics and statistics.
The Water Resources Center Archives
UC Riverside hosts The Water Resources Center Archives, a digital library collecting contemporary and historic materials on all aspects of water resources.
Sacramento River Library
This online, searchable library maintained by the Sacramento River Forum provides documents, maps, and photographs related to the Sacramento River.