Biogeographical Information and Observation System (BIOS) metadata standards
Standards for preparing metadata for spatial and tabular data sets intended for storage and dissemination through BIOS.

Biological Indicators of Watershed Health (EPA)
Standard physical and biological parameters considered indicative of watershed health relative to fish populations.

California Department of Fish and Game Fish Screening Criteria
These criteria provide guidelines and criteria for fish screening with focus on structure placement, approach velocity, sweeping velocity, screen openings, and screen construction.

California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual
This manual formally explains and describes the DFG approach to restoration of fishery resources, and standardizes the descriptive terminology and technical methods.

EPA Water quality criteria
Clean Water Act section 304(a)(1) requires the EPA to develop and issue standards (criteria) for water quality and pollutant levels.

Interagency Taxonomic Information and Standards (ITIS) Data Access
The advanced data access interface for the ITIS system which contains national standards for agency taxonomy usage.

Interagency Taxonomic Information and Standards (ITIS) Data Standards
Data standards and naming conventions for the ITIS dataset. Includes a brief description of development of the ITIS system.

National Hydrography Data Set Standards
USGS GIS standards for developing and editing NHD feature classes and types in the NHD dataset.

NatureServe Biological Data Model
NatureServe biological diversity data model and metadata standards for the NatureServe system.

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest Region Fish Screening Criteria for Anadromous Salmonids, January 1997 (63 KB pdf)
This document provides guidelines and criteria for functional designs of downstream migrant fish passage facilities at hydroelectric, irrigation, and other water withdrawal projects.

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service Southwest Region Guidelines for Salmonid Passage at Stream Crossings, September 2001 (71 KB)
This document provides guidelines for design of stream crossings to aid upstream and downstream passage of migrating salmonids.

Passage Assessment Database barrier and dam data exchange format
Standards and instructions for data structure and format requirements for data intended for inclusion in the developing Passage Assessment Database. (52 KB PDF file.)

PNW Forest Plan LLID data dictionary
A complete description of of the USFS LLID data model and framework.(460 KB PDF file.)

Salmonid Field Protocols Handbook
Techniques for assessing status and trends in salmon and trout populations produced by American Fisheries Society in association with State of the Salmon