Habitat and Barrier Programs

California Fish Passage Assessment Database

Compiles currently available fish passage information from many different sources, allows past and future barrier assessments to be standardized and stored in one place, and enables the analysis of cumulative effects of passage barriers in the context of overall watershed health.

EPA Surf Your Watershed

Surf Your Watershed is a service to help locate, use, and share watershed environmental information. This dataset offers a link to the California segment of the Surf Your Watershed service offered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Fire Perimeters

Provides a reasonable view of the spatial distribution of past large fires. Due to missing perimeters this layer should not be used for statistical analysis and reporting.

Fish Passage Forum

The Fish Passage Forum promotes collaboration among public and private sectors on fish passage improvement programs and projects to restore migration corridors and open inaccessible habitat to anadromous salmonid species in California.

Impaired Lakes and Rivers 303d - 2010

As part of the Clean Water Act the EPA requires the California State Water Resources Control Board to submit a list of impaired water bodies. These are defined as impaired and threatened waters (stream/river segments, lakes) where pollution controls are not sufficient to attain or maintain applicable water quality standards.

Jurisdictional Dams

This layer represents dams within the jurisdiction of the State of California. They are defined as artificial barriers, together with appurtenant works, which are 25 feet or more in height or have an impounding capacity of 50 acre-feet or more.

National Fish Habitat Action Plan (NFHAP) Habitat Condition Indices

This dataset presents an assessment of cumulative anthropogenic disturbance to fish habitats in California under the assumption that downstream local habitat conditions will reflect conditions in the catchment upstream.

National Wetlands Inventory Polygons

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory works to provide current or recent geospatially referenced information on the status, extent, characterists and functions of wetlands, riparian, deepwater and related aquatic habitats in priority areas to promote the understanding and conservation of these resources.

Nonindigenous Vegetation

GIS datasets representing the distribution of a variety of invasive plants in a variety of different locations.

Stream Habitat

Historic and current reach summaries of in-stream habitat data collected by the Department of Fish and Game and others. Contains stream habitat information for streams from Del Norte to Santa Cruz counties.

Vegetation Classification and Mapping Program

DFG's Vegetation Classification and Mapping Program (VegCAMP) focuses on developing and maintaining maps and the classification of all vegetation and habitats in the state to support conservation and managment decisions at the local, regional and state levels.