Watershed Assessment Reports - North Coast Region

The North Coast Region Map displays all the watersheds that have completed watershed assessment reports (nine) as well as watershed assessments in progress (three). The region extends from the Redwood Creek watershed in northern Humboldt County south to the Gualala River in southern Mendocino and northern Sonoma counties. This geographical area and its watersheds encompass the primary focus area of the CWPAP. The Ten Mile River (Mendocino County) Watershed Assessment report is nearing completion with an expected completion date in the summer of 2017.

Redwood Creek Watershed Assessment

South Fork Eel River Watershed Assessment - Part 1

South Fork Eel River Watershed Assessment - Part 2

Lower Eel River Watershed Assessment

Salt River Watershed Assessment

Van Duzen River Basin Assessment

Albion River Basin Assessment

Big River Basin Assessment

Mattole River Basin Assessment

  • Albion River, upper estuary flood plain showing eel grass beds and sinker logs.
  • Mainstem Big River (2002). Photo by Steve Cannata.
  • View of Nanning Creek entering the Eel River at RM 20. Spring 2007
  • Alluviated mouth of Dean Creek near Redway 2007.
  • Portions of the Van Duzen River are designated as scenic under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.