Map Viewer


This page gives you access to the new BIOS 5 internet-based map and data viewer developed by the BIOS team in the Biogeographic Data Branch of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This new tool replaces the older BIOS Map Query tool used by CalFish, which was retired 12/31/2013.


CalFish will continue to offer a collection of Map Viewer bookmarks which can be used to open the new BIOS 5 Map Viewer with specific collections of data grouped to offer information that answer common fisheries-related questions. Alternatively, you can go straight to the new BIOS 5 Map Viewer, select layers, and create your own bookmarks.

For more information about using BIOS 5, the BIOS team has provided the following resources:

Getting Started in BIOS 5 (0.3MB pdf)

BIOS 5 FAQ (0.2MB pdf)

BIOS 5 User Guide (3.4MB pdf) - A complete overview of every tool.

BIOS 5 Demo (video - 18 min)
An introduction to the BIOS 5 web mapping application, and a demonstration of how to operate its basic functions.

 A list of the 20 most recent public dataset additions/updates to BIOS.